Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where did you come from?

Be honest, how many of your first thoughts were "From my Mom, DUH!".  Yeah, I'm immature like that, too!

First off, I'd like to state wholeheartedly that I love (more like LOOOOOOVE) my faithful followers.  I consider you more than a follower.  I consider you a friend.  This is just my little 'ole blog.  She's young and she's small.  But, I love her.  I try to give her attention whenever I can possibly eek out an extra minute or two between all of the other things that demand my attention.  Those of you that follow my blog honestly give me the extra push that I need sometimes to hop on and put something up.  I was EXCITED to take a million pictures of my beach trip this past weekend (more of that coming soon, I promise!) because I wanted to share them with all of you.  It honestly boosts my ego and fluffs my proverbial feathers a bit to know that there are people (officially 12, to date) that are interested enough in my life and garble to actually sign up to follow my blog.  In the big bad blog world, 12 followers is laughable.  But in my world (and that's the only one that counts, right?!), 12 is an amazing number.  I love all 12 of you.  Why is this such a big accomplishment, you might ask?  Well, because that number is totally organic. 

What I mean by the term "organic" is that I didn't go out and recruit followers.  Sure, my mom and dad read the blog but I haven't gone around and told any of my friends or other family about the blog.  My good friend Sarah over at Downtown Southern ( is the exception to this statement but that's only because we engaged in a "You tell me your blog story and I'll tell you mine" conversation over the lunch table one day.  Other than Sarah, I've never told any of my other friends.  It's not because I don't want them to read the blog.  It's more because I am so honored to find readers, like yourself, who find me on your own.  Not because I've threatend you with bodily harm if you didn't support my blog.  

With all of that being said, I'm interested to hear how you found my little niche in the blogosphere.  Those of you who read my blog, subscribe to my new posts, and leave your wonderful comments. . .where did you come from?  Do you remember how you found me?  For those of you who do read but haven't signed up to follow my blog or to get email updates when I post new items, go ahead and do that!  But, while you're at it and making yourself at home here, leave me a comment letting me know how you found me.  I'm really interested in knowing!


  1. britt{at}knewlywifed..and thank goodness i did, i love everything about ur pretty blawg. lurve it! keep them coming:)

  2. Geez, honestly, I have no idea how I found you!?!?! Is that bad? But however I did, I'm thankful for you!


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