Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally, Some Successes!

Okay, Ya'all (yes, we say that in the state where we're not technically the South but we're not technically the North either--we have no distinct identity so we get to choose which way we swing from day to day.  Sometimes, it's like herding bi-polar cats. . .imagine it, if you will.) I've finally got some (what I feel is) good news to report.  I'm not an utter and total financial failure.  Sure, I had some depressing downfalls last month.  Getting those budget numbers down on paper (or computer screen?) kind of made me want to scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon (a plastic one. . .too graphic?  Sorry.) but I have risen again.  Oh yes, I have taken one slight (very slight.  Almost non-existent) glimmer of success and I'm shouting it from the top of the Hollywood sign as if it was my new awakening.  Cut me some slack, folks.  I take whatever shiny moments I can grasp in my strangely shaped jagged nailed hands that I can get. 

I am pretty good about setting a budget, I'm just not all that great about following the budget or even filling in the expenditures so that I can see if I've followed the budget or not.  However, after last month's debacle, I'm trying to do better.  So, I set some budget limits last year when I laid out my annual budget.  I guess I should clarify: I have an annual budget to account for things like Birthdays, Christmas gifts, Decorations for Holidays, etc. and then I have a monthly budget which covers all the rest.  Any month that I have something from the annual budget that is occuring, I have to try to work the budgeted amount into the monthly budget.  Under normal circumstances, it would be nearly impossible.  But, I have an automatic payroll deposit which goes into a seperate savings account that I use only for items on the annual budget.  That way, the money is always there and if doesn't get used by the end of the year, I allocate it toward debt repayment in January and start all over saving for the next year's annual expenses.  Works out GREAT and really helps to alleviate my fear that there will ever be a time that I will get caught in a financial bind and not be able to provide Ty a great Birthday or Christmas experience. 

Anyways, on to my successes.  Last year, I allocated $200 for Tyler's birthday party, $30 for Halloween costume for next year (I always buy them on clearance after Halloween) and $50 to spend on Halloween decorations.  I just totalled up my spending on those three line items and I'm happy to report that I spent only $134.87 for the Birthday party, $11.97 on costumes (and that's for THREE of them. .. choices for next year!), and $15.83 for decorations.  Now, the decorations expense could go up slightly as I haven't been out shopping too much after Halloween so I may find a few more things on clearance over the next week.  However, I'm feeling pretty good about that!  YAY for success. . .even if they are small!!

Tell me about your recent successes.  Maybe they will give me some inspiration!

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  1. those are amazing amounts! great job! yay for success! i made a pinterest christmas tree skirt that was an acutal success .. this opposed to my many many fails recently at domestic-ness.


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