About Me

Hey there!  I'm Aryn. I am a twenty-something mom to a precious little man who is the center of my universe and the very reason my energy tank is constantly on zero. I'm a fur mommy to a rescued pit bull who thinks he's a Pomeranian. I wear many hats including working full time as a Trainer, going to school part time to pursue a degree in the field that I'm already in (I know. . .genius.) and currently venturing into the DIY realm when it comes to the house that I purchased a year ago. I follow many other blogs and suck my inspiration from them since I don't a creative BLOOD CELL in my body, let alone an entire creative bone and shamelessly copy from those more inspiring than I. I'm also incredibly thrifty and always searching for the best deal. Whether it's getting my groceries for pennies on the dollar or decorating my house on the cheap, I'm trying to do it as cheaply as possible. My friends call me the queen of thrift stores and they humor me when I wield a coupon at restaurants and bars. Join me while I face future successes and failures (hopefully more of the former than the latter) and navigate my way through this craaaazaay journey known as life!