Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: From A Six Year Old Perspective

Thrifty Thursday will be back in a couple of weeks.  For this week and next week, I wanted to take a slightly different approach.  So, you're getting Thankful Thursday instead.

On alot of the blogs that I follow, as well as on many of my friends' posts on Facebook, I see people who are calling out one item, place, thing, or concept that they are Thankful for each day.  I've been having a great time reading them all and many of them have touched my heart.  In a random occurance last night, Tyler started naming off this list of things that he was thankful for.  That's where my idea for this post came from.  I literally stopped the car (we were driving home), pulled over and took out a notepad and asked him to start all over again.  Following, is a list of what my sweet and adorable little baby bear said he was thankful for (keep in mind, I'm reiiterating it exactly as he did.  Therefore, grammar may not be 100% correct--that just adds to the cuteness of it all!).

I'm Thankful:

  • That I got a home
  • For my parents
  • That I get to eat lots of food
  • That I got shelter
  • That I got places to go
  • That I got clothes
  • For the shoes I put on my feet
  • That you have a job
  • For my toys
  • For my warm cozy bed
  • For our TVs
  • For Mommy's car 'cuz it takes me places and takes me to school in the rain
  • That I have a dog-but I just wish he would listen better
  • That you (me, his Mommy) are pretty (really?  Awesome!)
  • For Nana, Papa Mark, Nana Dot, Oma & Opa, Grandma & Grandpa, GNana, my Aunts & Uncles, my cousins, my Papa Bear in Heaven,  GPapa in Heaven, even though I never knew him, Gma Toots in Heaven, and all my other family
  • That God made medicine to make me feel better when I'm sick
  • That God keeps me safe
  • That Daddy has a gun to keep me safe (seriously. . .that's what he said.  Be warned, I guess?)
  • For the Christmas that I get to have (I think that was a plug for more toys)
  • For the trips that we get to go on
  • That Santa brings me presents (again, with the plug)
  • That my hair doesn't stick up (huh?  Clearly this child doesn't use mirrors!)
  • For my teacher who is nice
  • For all my friends
At that point, he started going off into the trees and the birds and the grass. . .and I realized that he was just reciting anything he saw out of his window.  I stopped writing at that point.  Plus, my hand hurt like crazy from all of that writing!

Next week, on Thursday (Turkey Day!!), I will post my own Thankful Thursday list. 

What about you. . .what are you thankful for? 

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