Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Changes. . . .

Sorry for the constant visual confusion.  I just had to make yet another change to the formatting of the blog.  I have zero design ability, as was evident in my last re-org attempt.  I have decided against the brashy (is that even a word?) bright colors that were a result of having the picture of my little dude as the header and then the bright colors that were sprinkled throughout the rest of the page.  It just made my eyes hurt everytime I looked at it.  Until I can talk myself into laying out the money to have someone design a nifty header and page layout for me, I've decided to simplify things a bit, remove the image of the lil'dude and go with a more neutral (i.e. eye saving) color palate.  Hopefully, I'll log on more without wanting to vomit at the rainbow mixture of color that I was met with in the old design. 

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