Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Goals Update--weekend of 11/18

Here's the update on my weekend goals:

  • Clean my house--it's awful!  Seriously.
  • Wash, Dry, Fold, & put away laundry
  • Get some blog posts written and scheduled for posting
  • Work on the office--yes, I'm still working on that one little room.  Ugh!--I'm not sure this room will ever get finished!  Maybe during the two weeks off that I have for Christmas?
  • Take Ty to Lowes Build & Grow on Saturday
  • Go to Bass Pro shops to see Santa on Sunday--this item has been postponed until a later time in which his father can join us.  He freaked out when I told him that I might be taking Ty to see Santa.  He didn't want me to do it without him.  Whatever.
  • Start packing for our trip next week
  • Write out Xmas list (Black Friday shopping next week!)--I'm going to do this on my way down to visit BD family this week for Thanksgiving.
  • Type paper for school--yeah, this too
  • Clip coupons (I'm like 6 weeks behind on inserts which equals total disaster)--they are all clipped but now they need to be organized.  Ugh!
  • Send steam cleaner back for warranty repair
  • Take Ty to see Happy Feet 2--this has been postponed simply because there was no time. 
  • Put Thanksgiving decorations outside--yes, the inside is decorated.  Outside, notsomuch.
  • Old Navy for coat for me
  • Southern States for dog food and some other stuff
Other things that I managed to accomplish:

  • Got the wireless router hooked up in the office.  Up until now, I've either been stealing borrowing wireless from a neighbor (hey, you leave your wireless network unlocked. . I might hop in and join you every now and then) or miserably tethered to the ethernet cable in the office.  Now, I'm able to work from anywhere in my house!
  • Got Tyler's room cleaned and organized--this goes beyond just cleaning the house.  That kid's room needed an overhaul!  We cleaned out every basket, bin, and box.  We organized and threw away TWO trashbags full of old, broken, or misplaced toys. 
  • I got all halloween decorations packed up and put back in the attic
  • Organized clothing for next women's clothing consignment sale into appropriate bins and got them put up in the attic. 
  • I started getting the new hardware put on the drawers in my kitchen.  I had the cabinets repainted a few months ago and decided that I wanted to change out the hardware.  Look for a later post on this transformation!
I'm sure there is more, I just don't have it jotted down yet.  I'll add anything else that I managed to get done over the weekend to the update post. 

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