Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Goals--Weekend of 11/18

Here are my goals for this weekend.  The list is kinda long because there's ALOT of stuff that needs to get done this weekend! I'll post an update on Monday so you can see how much I managed to get done.

  • Clean my house--it's awful!  Seriously.
  • Wash, Dry, Fold, & put away laundry
  • Get some blog posts written and scheduled for posting
  • Work on the office--yes, I'm still working on that one little room.  Ugh!
  • Take Ty to Lowes Build & Grow on Saturday
  • Go to Bass Pro shops to see Santa on Sunday
  • Start packing for our trip next week
  • Write out Xmas list (Black Friday shopping next week!)
  • Type paper for school
  • Clip coupons (I'm like 6 weeks behind on inserts which equals total disaster)
  • Send steam cleaner back for warranty repair
  • Take Ty to see Happy Feet 2
  • Put Thanksgiving decorations outside--yes, the inside is decorated.  Outside, notsomuch.
  • Old Navy for coat for me
  • Southern States for dog food and some other stuff
I'm sure there is more, I just don't have it jotted down yet.  I'll add anything else that I managed to get done over the weekend to the update post. 

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