Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What do you do when it rains at the beach?

What are you supposed to do when it rains at the beach?  I have the answer.  It requires the following:

A glass of good (but still budget friendly!) wine. . .

A snack. . . .those are smores Goldfish for anyone who might have been wondering. . . .

An age appropriate toy or activity which takes enough time to put together/complete for the wine and snack to be consumed in a slow and satisfactory manner. . . .

And a child to go along with the age appropriate toy. 

During one particularly rainy afternoon at the beach last week, I managed to squeeze about an hour and a half out of that Lego toy and convinced Tyler that putting that set together while Mommy enjoyed a beverage and snack was a great rainy day activity. 

So, while he did this:

I snacked and drank.

DISCLAIMER: The glass of wine and snack mentioned earlier were for ME to consume, not the kid.  I do not advocate giving underage minors glasses of wine.  No matter what the weather is outside.  And the snack?  I never mentioned there being an age appropriate requirement on those.  Yes, I ate Goldfish. . .don't judge me.  Or do, if you must.  They were good.  Real good.  Especially with that glass of wine! 

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