Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Smell Something Fishy

While at the beach this week, we took a trip to the local aquarium and it was actually really cool!  Lots of really awesome things to see.  I'll warn you now, this is one of those posts that goes WAYY overboard with pictures.  I can't help it.  I just couldn't choose only a few.  Everything was too cool!

We started off with the obligatory photo op outside of the establishment.  As you can tell, Ty had other things on this mind.

Excited to finally be inside of the aquarium. 

Tyler and Nana acting silly.  It took FOREVER to convince him that the alligator wasn't real.  He thought we were lying to him.  Apparently, my kid figures I'd think nothing of having him stick his head inside of a live alligator's mouth.  Yes child, that's exactly what your mother would do. 

Looking in the tank of big fish.

And the diver who was in the tank with the big fish.  Strange. . . .

This one was no fake alligator.  Nope, that guy was 100% real. 

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip. . .this guy worked at the touching tank where the kids can put their hands in and feel horseshoe crabs, starfish, and other creatures which creeped me out quite a bit.  But, the combination of seeing this (really cute!) guy pick up my kid to get a better look in the tank and the terrified look on my kid's face is something that I find insanely awesome.  And, again, the guy was really cute.  I'm partial to pictures of really cute guys.  Sue me.

There they are again. I told you, he's cute!

Touching a horseshoe crab tail. . .

And then it's shell. . . .

Moving on to a star fish. 

Ty was in heaven at the touching tank.  Truth be told, Mommy kinda was too.  That guy was super cute!

Yes, I made my kid stick his face in there just so I could take a picture.  He's young and hasn't totally figured out how to rebel yet.  I'm taking advantage of that right now!

Moving on to things that really give me the heebie jeebies. . .I hate snakes.  Hate them.  Uggggh.  Hate snakes.

Isn't that a gorgeous picture (even if it is a little blurry)?  That's a jelly fish.  Another thing that gives me the willies.  I've been stung by one of these monsters before.  After that horror, seeing this one in a tank kind of made me a little happy.  I'm vengeful. 

More jellyfish related things.  Don't really know exactly what they were. . .but I was glad they, too, were in a tank.

And a beautiful, graceful sea turtle.  I don't know why, but there's something about sea turtles that I find very calming.  Ahhhhhh. . . .

Moving to the outside of the aquarium, we found this cute little box turtle just hanging out on a log. . . .

And the rest of his homies were hanging out on this other log.  Guess he took a wrong turn on his way to the party.  Poor little fella. 

And that, my friends, was our trip the aquarium.  Hope you enjoyed the photo tour as much as I did watching the cute guy with my son.  Did I mention that there was a cute guy at the aquarium?  Well, there was.  


  1. Looks so much fun! Did you by chance see any cute guys there :)?

  2. I love going to the aquarium! There's one here in Dallas that the hubs and I keep meaning to go to. Maybe on the next rainy day (if it ever rains again).

    Have I mentioned your son is a doll? His smile is so cute. He's really going to steal all the girl's hearts some day.

  3. Hee Hee! Yes, singlemama. . I just so happened to see a cute guy at the aquarium! ;-)

    LittleHouse, Thank you for the kind words about my little man. . .I certainly think he's a cutie pie. Unfortunately (for me, not him!), he already knows that he's got cute looks and charm. . .he's a total flirt and knows how to get his way!


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