Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Hurricane Knocked Me Down

My lovely and loyal LDL readers. . . boy oh boy what a week I've had.  Between the normal stress of everyday life, I've been dealing with the stress of the hurricane which hit much of the East Coast this past weekend.  I'm sure you've heard of her. . .she was a mighty large and ugly gal who went by the name of Irene.  I remember her cousin, Isabel, who visited our area almost 8 years ago. . . she was equally as large and ugly.  Nothing against large ladies.  Or ugly ones.  I don't mind their visits, I just wish they wouldn't leave so much destruction in their wake. 

Anyways, in all seriousness (is that even possible for me?), the hurricane was a pretty nasty event.  Trees and power lines down everywhere.  Luckily, my house didn't sustain any lasting damage but my power was knocked out on Saturday and I've yet to regain it.  I was very very fortunate that my son's father didn't lose his power so I've been able to go over and stay with him until my power gets restored.  However, a HUGE tree got knocked down in his backyard and literally flattened his deck and shed.  Total loss of everything that was on the deck or in the shed and a GIGANTIC mess to clean up.  So, between constant trips back and forth to my house to check and see if the power has been restored and to take care of the dog and grumpy cat, cleaning up the mess in his backyard, and cleaning out three, yes THREE (Depression meds are likely going to be necessary to recover from this) freezers FULL of food that has spoiled (*sniffle*), I've just been so out of touch here on the blog.  I ask that you bear with me just a few more days so that I can try to get everything back on track and then I PROMISE I'll start getting into more of a regular groove around here. 

How did everyone else fare during the hurricane?  Anyone else still without power?  Certainly makes it difficult to do blog surfing when there is no power! 

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