Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living on the Cheap

I named this blog Living On a Dime or Less for a reason.  Because I really do try to live as cheaply as possible.  It's not so much a choice as it is a necessity.  I have champagne tastes on a (very very cheap) beer budget.  Simply said, I seriously skimp on the areas that I can and try to make every other area as cheap as possible while still being as fulfilling as possible.  For example, I flat out refuse to allow myself or my son to leave the house on any given day and look like our wardrobes came from the bottom of the bargain bin at the local Goodwill.  No offense to anyone who does buy their wardrobe from Goodwill (Don't get me wrong, I do buy clothes from Goodwill. . .I'm just very picky about what clothes I'll buy!), but I just don't want it to be obvious that we've bought our clothes from Goodwill.  Does that make sense?  I suppose the term "Dress to Impress" says something to me.

With that being said, I'm going to try to really analyze my way of living and take what seems so second nature to me and put it into words for all of my (FABULOUS!) readers.  I'm going to try to break each Living on the Cheap post into specific topics rather than just throwing out random tips here and there.  What I want from each of you is to let me know if or when there is a topic that YOU want more information or advice about.  That way, I can dig down into my LivingonaDimeorLess bones and share with you how I do it.  Now, that doesn't mean that how I do it is the only way or the right way. . .it's just the way I do it.  Someone else might do it a different way.  That's great!  Hopefully, we can all learn from each other.  Most (if not all) of my own tips have come from other people. . .so, share what you know when a topic is posted that you have feedback about!  I welcome it, encourage it, want it, and love it! 


  1. I would looooove for you to guest post on a new 'living thrifty' series on my blog! I'm always interested to see how others save money!

  2. OMG, rookieyears, I would be HONORED!!!! *squeal* Sorry, I'm a little excited! I would love to guest post on your blog! Just let me know what topic specifically that you want me to write about and I'll throw something together and send it to you!


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