Monday, August 15, 2011

My Family is Nuts!

Seriously!  My family is one crazy patient shy of an institution.  I suppose I can get away with saying this because both my Mom and my step-dad work in the mental health field.  It's also incredibly ironic that we're all about as crazy as they come.  Naturally, when any of the family gets together, silly things happen.  

This week, Ty and I are at my mom's beach house in North Carolina with my Mom, my Nana, sister, almost brother-in-law, and my nephew.  And that's just the two legged creatures.  We've also got my dog, Pete, and my sister's dog, Diogi (yes, when you pronounce it, you have spelled D-O-G. . I told you. . .my family's crazy).  This is an interesting site in itself.  My pitbull is in love with my sister's chiuaua.  Diogi doesn't exactly feel the same.  In fact, I venture to say that Diogi would like nothing more than for Pete to disappear forever.  That just adds to the interesting-ness that is sure to happen this week.  

For instance, here is what happens when you give a five year old a camera:

   Okay, the five year old didn't take this picture.  But, it's cute so I added it anyways.  This is my nephew, London.  The cutest little chunky monkey I've ever laid eyes on.  He's got some serious chipmunk cheekers going on and I just want to squish them and smooch them.  Oh yeah, and I'm constantly amazed at how much food he can store in those little saddle bags on either side of his face.  It's amazing.

This would be my sister, Lily.  I warned you that we were all crazy.  She just happens to be crazy AND funny looking.  Poor girl.  It's a rough life for her.  She also happens to be Mommy to the chipmunk cutie mentioned previously. She's also going to kill me if she ever finds this blog. 

This would be my Mom, Queen of the Crazies.  She's also known as Nana to the little folk.  She calls them her Nanasons.  So cute.  Another one that's going to cause me physical harm when she sees this post.  Oh well, it's worth it.  Mom, consider this payback for laughing when I got lemonade in my eye.  I still can't see clearly out of that eye. 

Another pic of the little food squirrel.  He also happens to be a bit bossy.  Here he is screaming at us to feed him.  Of course, he isn't forming full words or sentences yet but he has a squeal that travels faster than the speed of sound.  Somehow he seems to get his point across. 

We didn't respond quickly enough so he went for an alternative form of nourishment.  Apparnetly, Pack-N-Play side rails are gourmet fare these days.  Who knew?  

So, we're missing a few key players in the crazy mix, but rest assured, before the week is up, I will find a way to spotlight them.  We're all here for an entire week in this three bedroom beach house.  There's sure to be a story or two worth sharing this week.  At the very least, you'll get to see recaps of our various field trips. . .there is no way we can all stay cooped up together in the house all day long.  Someone would ultimately perish.  And it would likely be painful. 

Do you have crazy family members too?  How about any crazy family stories to share with us?  

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