Monday, August 15, 2011

August Challenge--Week 2 Update

So sorry for the delay in getting the Week 2 update up.  Between traveling for work last week and traveling down to North Carolina for vacation this week, I've been totally busy.  Okay, I've been totally lazy.  Take it or leave it! 

Overall, Week 2 wasn't too horribly bad.  Well, I suppose it's going to be painful to put down on paper but there isn't too much that went on this week that I had a whole heck of alot of control over.  Here goes:

Tee Shirt at Target (I already explained this expense in this post): $4
Trinkets for Tyler to bring home after my traveling for work (again, explained in earlier post):  $10
Kennel for Pete while I was gone all week for work: $84 (yeah, that's painful. . .ouch!)
Gas to fill up my car which was left at the airport literally with only fumes in the tank: $70.81 (yep, painful too)

I guess when I look at the big picture, it wasn't too terribly bad.  There weren't any grocery expenses to deal with since I was out of town on business.  Although, that kennel expense for the dog totally killed that one. 

Unfortunately, I'm only a few days into Week 3 and that one's already shaping up to be pretty rough.  Yikes.  I thought vacation was going to be pretty easy on me.  Apparently, I was wrong.  I'll try to get that update posted at the end of the week. 

How about those of you who are challenging yourselves along with me.  How are y'all doing so far?  Any successes or failures that you care to share? 

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  1. After reading your blog for a while, I'm going to challenge myself in September. I'm doing a little ' practice ' run now, and I've been doing okay I suppose. I had to pay $250 for some tests for my degree which stinks majorly, but other than that, I've kept things down somewhat.


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