Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Success and Failure. . .

I'm still out of town for work so while I've been spending money like crazy on eating out, it's all been on the corporate card so that doesn't exactly count against me in my monthly challenge.  I just love it when I can eat out three meals a day and someone else pays for it!  My waistline doesn't necessarily agree. . .but who asked for its opinion anyways? 

However, that's not where the success or the failure comes from.  I have experienced one of both in the last 24 hours.  Since the former feels better, I'll discuss that one first.

I'm traveling with a colleage from work and she and I decided that it would be a fantastic idea to hit up the outlet mall which is located terrifying close to where we're at for work.  I tried to convince myself that the only reason I was agreeing to go was because I still have a few items that I need to get Tyler for his school/Fall wardrobe.  Yeah. . .right.  Good story.  Anyways, I have a serious. . .no, that doesn't describe it close enough. . . . SERIOUS weakness for a Banana Republic Factory Outlet store.  So, while my co-worker was browing another store, I walked into the BR.  As I walked in, I immediately got a rush.  A strange "YEAH BABY. . .that is what you've been waiting for" type feeling.  Almost as instantly as it came, it went.  It was the strangest thing I think I've ever felt.  Aside from childbirth.  Anyways, I swear I heard a voice in my head that distinctly said "You aren't ready for the amount of money that you'd end up spending in here if you don't turn around and leave immediately".  It was a horrifying thought.  But, that's what I did.  I immediately turned and walked out.  Looking back on it, I know it was totally the right thing to do.  No amount of new clothes would make up for how much I would have dreaded having to write that post.  So, SUCCESS! 

Now, this next paragraph is going to be somewhat painful to write but nothing as painful as it would have been had I not left Banana Republic last night when I did!  Since I'm on a business trip, I only packed business related clothing except for the one casual outfit that I wore out here on the plane.  Normally, I would just wear the same outfit back, but since I wore that outfit on our (what I'm slyly deeming Operation Successful) shopping trip, I am finding myself somewhat short handed for the flight back tomorrow night.  So, I made a trip to Target.  I gave myself a very stern talking to before walking into the store and reminded myself that I was there for one thing and one thing only.  A tee shirt.  Yes, I plan on wearing pants on the plane too (I think the FAA requires it.  Don't they?) but they're jeans.  And jeans can be worn three times without being washed.  Because they roll like that!  Anyways, I walked in.  I grabbed an $8 plain tee shirt and I walked (somewhat briskly) toward the check out line to minimize the risk of having my eye caught by anything else.  This only partially worked for me.  As I passed the children's section, a sign caught my eye.  Kids' size tee shirts.  $4.  That's when I had what I think could be the best idea that I've had in quite some time.  I'm an adult size small.  It just so happens that a child size XL is equal (or darn close) to an adult size small.  So, I figured that I could essentially buy the same size tee shirt (they were both a plain solid colored shirt anyways) for HALF PRICE!  So, that's what I did.  That's only a half failure, right?

Unfortunately, it does get a wee bit worse.  On the way back to the hotel, I stopped at Walgreens with my co-worker because she needed to get something.  As I was killing time waiting for her, I saw a bunch of cute little trinkets that were branded with the city that I'm currently in.  Since I always bring my son home a little surprise from my travels whenever I'm out of town for longer than two days, I felt compelled to pick up a couple of items for him.  My only defense here is that I got him three little trinkets for less than what I would have paid for only one item had I waited until I had gotten to the airport to buy it.  So, again. . .I spent money that I didn't want to spend, but I did it in a frugal way. . .right?  I mean, how was I going to show my face to my little man and be empty handed?  That would make me a bad Mommy.

Overall, I spent $4 for the tee shirt and a little over $9 for the trinkets.  I'll admit that it was a fall off the right track but I don't feel completely guilty for it.  Should I? 


  1. That's a really good job! You totally shouldn't feel guilty for it. $13 on a business trip is incredible. Go you! So glad to know I'm not the only one who tries to stuff themselves in Kids XL shirts :)

  2. No guilty feelings :) There is no way I would have left an outlet mall with no bags in hand. I would have justified it with "How many times do I get to shop at a fantastic outlet mall". You are much stronger then me.


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