Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Goals List--Weekend of 2/24

Yikes. . .lots of stuff to do this weekend.  Not lots of time to get it accomplished.  Perhaps I should put on my super-woman cape and get to work.  If only I could remember which overflowing hamper of dirty laundry it's currently hiding in. 

  • order heartworm meds for the dog
  • tag stuff for the consignment sale
  • deliver tagged items to the consignment sale on Sunday
  • write a god-awful paper on a god awful subject: Globalization in Mexico and the U.S.
  • turn in previously mentioned assignment meant only to inflict torture upon an unsuspecting (and undeserving of said torture) soon-to-be (if God has any mercy at all, that is) graduate and smile while doing so because doing anything other could impact a (nearly) flawless GPA
  • get an oil change (I'm pretty sure this is God's way of punishing me for something--single women should not have to drive around in cars that require maintenance.  Or new tires.  Where's the gal who can design a car that doesn't require either of those things?  Wherever she is, she's soon to be rich.  And my new BFF)
  • volunteer at consignment sale on Sunday--I hide behind the concept that I volunteer at this thing because I want to help and I'm invested in the owners' success.  Really, it's just that they give me a bigger percentage of my sales if I volunteer.  So, again, I slap on a smile and grit my teeth while the two sale owners talk massive amounts of trash and gossip about every.last. unsuspecting customer, consignor, or volunteer who sets foot in the place.  And then I leave and they talk smack about me.  I'm not naive.  I know their game.  I'm not special so there's no valid reason to think that I would be spared from their middle-schoolish gossip fests. 
  • Take-out Chinese and a sappy movie date with a girlfriend for tonight--Lucky me, I get to indulge in this little bit of single mama bonding while attempting to multi-task and write the paper mentioned previously.  Where did I leave that damn cape??
  • Sweep & Mop the floors--oh joy
  • Laundry--maybe I'll find my missing cape
  • Go over and help a friend fill out a job application on Sunday afternoon--since said friend is an HR professional, I'm very unclear as to why she asked me to help her fill out the application.  But, I'm flattered and more than happy to help her.  And I mean that geniunely.  She's a nice friend. 
  • Paint the final paint project for Tyler's bathroom
  • Write at least 2 posts for LoaDoL-SMS (if you haven't checked out the new addition to the blog, you must do so here.  Right now.  I'll wait.)
  • Talk my friend into actually scheduling a date for when we are going to go to Ikea and spend a very large chunk of my tax return
There you have it. . .my list of things to accomplish this weekend.  Wanna start making bets on whether or not I can actually get most of it accomplished?  I'll post an update on Monday.  If I don't die of exhaustion after trying to actually accomplish everything on this list, that is. 

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