Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blogger Budget Challenge--Week 4

It's been an expensive week.  Yeah, it's been an expensive week.  Here's how I'm rounding out the month in our budget challenge:

Food: $160.43 spent out of $200 monthly budget--Not Bad!!  I managed to come in under budget.  HOOORAY!!!!  Although, I do have to make my grocery list tonight so I'll be starting off next month already kind of crippled.  Oh well.  I managed to totally work it this month! 
Fuel: $171.14 spent out of $250 monthly budget--I cannot believe it but I'm still at the same number on gas as I was last week.  I'm literally driving around on fumes right now (yeah, gotta fill up on my way home tonight) so I won't actually end the month at this number but I doubt I'll go over it.  I mean, $78.86 (the amount left before I hit my budget for the month) is certainly not out of the realm of possibility seeing as how I drive an SUV and gas is nearing $4.00 a gallon. . .but, I think I can manage to keep it under budget for this month! 
Eating Out: $145.43 out of a $50 monthly budget--Eeek.  Yeah, it's bad.  I know. 
Pet: $41.10 out of a $60.00 monthly budget--Again, still at the same amount as last week.  But, that's only because I can't pick up Pete's heartworm medication until Tuesday night.  It's going to cost me $60.  ALL of March's budget.  Yikes! 

Other places where I spent money this week are as follows:

Target: $36.32 spent on some shoes for Tyler (he needed them), a shelf for his bathroom (I'm almost done with it!!), and some cat food. 

Costco: $152.80 HOLY GUACOMOLE!  This one hurts.  I went in for cat litter and walked out with cat litter, 3 bags of bulbs (they are so pretty. . .and my house needs lots of pretty out front!), a bistro table, two chairs for the table, and a set of pretty little pads to sit our pretty little tushies on when sitting at the table and enjoying some time outdoors.  I justified this expenditure because I've received my tax return.  And I've got big plans for it.  Big plans!

WalMart: $157.81 spent.  Another one that hurt the old wallet.  I went in for an oil change.  I came out with an 8 person tent (for camping trip in May), two sets of tent stakes, a jar candle, and a coke (I was thirsty!).  Ouchie. 

Well, that pretty much concludes the Blogger Budget Challenge for February.  Hop on over to my challenge-ees sites to see how well they survived the challenge.  the.mrs. and Attempts at Domestication are the two blogger buddies who so bravely joined in the challenge with me.  Coincidentally, they have both tackled big moves this month so I'm not sure if their final reports are posted yet.  Bear with them and enjoy what content they do have posted in regards to their moves and their new houses (YAY!  So happy for both of them!!) until they're able to get everything settled in. 

Now, on to March's Challenge.  At the request of the.mrs. at we're going to replicate February's challenge and just continue to post about our abilities to stay on budget.  However, we're in need of more folks to join us.  Who wants in?  C'mon. . .we won't bite. . .hard! :-)  If you want to jump into the challenge with us for March, just leave me a comment below!

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