Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Blogger Challenge--Week 2 Update

Uh Oh. . .I'm NOT looking forward to posting this.  It's bad.  REALLY bad!  This week has just been really really spendy for some reason.  I guess part of it is because I've actually been getting out alot more.  I went out with some friends on Saturday night and then again last night so while it's very very good (and very very much needed!) that I've been being a little more social lately, it is certainly affecting my budget.  Anyways, here goes:

Food: $100.05 spent out of $200 monthly budget--still not too bad.  I'm actually pretty pleased with this.  Granted, I didn't really do a big shopping trip last week.  I'll probably be heading to the grocery store tomorrow or sometime this weekend so this total will likely be much higher next week. 
Fuel: $121.81 spent out of $250 monthly budget--I'm a little worried about possibly going over budget this month in this area.  I'm getting pretty low in my tank again and gas prices just seem to be going up and up and up.  YIKES!  I've already cancelled my trip to the beach this weekend partially because I didn't want to pay for the gas on the way down and back.  That's really sad! 
Eating Out: $83.08--I knew it wouldn't be long before I totally blew it in this category.  As already explained, I've been going to meet with friends a bit more lately but I'm actually a little shocked at how quickly those here and there get togethers are adding up for me.  Eeks! 

Aside from that, there are two other areas that I spent money this month.

Pet: $41.10 out of a $60.00 monthly budget--I don't know that I've ever been this close to actually hitting my budgeted amount in this category.  Honestly, I could probably get away with $60 every two months but this month, Pete needed new food and he had to get his annual booster shots.  Eeew. . .I just realized that the cat also needs new food AND I have to order Pete's heartworm medication.  OUCH! 
I actually haven't done too bad in not spending in the other areas either.  Well, with the exception of two little instances.  I did go and spend $20 on a top to wear out this past weekend when I went out with girlfriends (it had been so long since I've gone out to an actual club that I honestly didn't have anything to wear!) and then I did spent $12 on a decorative shelf that I thought I could use in Ty's bathroom (I'm still not done yet so the reveal is still a little ways away on that one!) but it's too big.  I may take the shelf back this weekend or I may keep it for another area in the house.  Not sure yet. 

Anyways, there's my confession.  How about y'all?  How's the budget looking mid-month?   


  1. Terribleeeeeee ha! You're looking not too shabby lady;)

  2. Eating out always gets us too! Have you thought about dividing that budget up into a weekly or bi-weekly budget? Sometimes it's easier to stay on budget if you are planning for a smaller amount of time.


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