Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet the Spawn!

For the readers who have been with me for a little while, the fact that I'm single may not come as a shock.  I've mentioned it here and there over on the blog from time to time but I haven't really gone into too much detail about my situation.  When I started Living on a Dime or Less, I wasn't exactly sure what direction that the blog was going to go.  As much as I want (more like NEED) to live my life on as little as possible, I knew that I also desired to write about more than just my budget.  I longed to write about the reasons WHY my budget was as stretched as it is.  I wanted to share more about my life and the various things that I go through on account of my situation.  But, I just didn't really feel that my main blog was the place to do it. Hence, the new addition.  If you'll note, there is a new tab up top titled "Single Mama Stuff"

I started Living on a Dime or Less--Single Mama Stuff as a place for me to write about some of the more personal stuff going on in my life.  You know, the stuff that isn't directly related to my budget or a DIY project.  I hope you will hop over to the new page and check it out!

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