Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Blogger Challenge--Week 1 & Introductions

I'm strangely excited about the challenge that we are taking on this month.  I find it very strange that I'm actually excited about going public with my budget and potentially failing miserably in front of all of you.  However, I am highly hopeful that since I'll be accountable not only to myself, but also to all of my readers, maybe it will be the incentive that I need to stick to my budget.  At the very least, maybe I'll gain some helpful insight from all of you along the way. 

So far, there are three bloggers who have signed up for the Blogger Challenge but it's NOT too late to join us!  If you're interested in joining, just leave a comment on this post so that I'll know that your jumping into the ring with us and taking on the challenge!  However, I'm thrilled that two of my blog buddies are along for the ride.  Ashley @ Attempts at Domestication and the.mrs. @ have both jumped in feet first so make sure that you check out their blogs to get updates on their progress over the month. 

Here are the details of the challenge--every Wednesday, starting today, each of us will post updates on our blogs as to our progress in sticking to our budgets for the month.  The only two rules to the challenge are that we be honest and that we support each other.  Even if you aren't participating in the challenge along side of us, we invite you to give us feedback, encouragement, and kind words of correction along the way.  If we go over our budgets in any area, we'll be honest and tell about it.  We'll also try to figure out what actions caused us to go over in those areas of our budgets. 

So, my February budget numbers are as follows:

Food: $200
Eating Out: $50
Lunch for me (at work): $20
Gas for Car: $250
Target: $100
Walgreens: $50

Also, I'm starting the month with a credit card balance of. . . .*major cringe*. . . .$4241.19.  OH-MY-GAWD.  I have GOT to get that under control.  Like, pronto.  NOW! 

Those are the areas where I need ya'all to keep me honest.  If I go outside of these areas, and spend money on other things, I'll be sure to post about it.  I'm REALLY trying to get my credit card paid off so I need all of you to call me out when I spend too much on something. 


  1. hellur lady! i posted my challenge this morning:) i am so excited and hoping so badly that i stick to this budget thing! i hope this helps us! haha! otherwise maybe we should just 'wing' it from now on! haha!-peg! lol

    1. LOL. . .I know we can do this. I know we can!

  2. I'll post about my challenge tomorrow! Hope you don't mind I'm doing a new twist and only doing my personal "fun" budget and not Jesse and I's joint budget.

    1. Ashley, I don't mind at all! The goal is to see if we can make some positive changes in our spending/budgeting. It doesn't matter whether that's on a personal level or if it involves a partner. That part is totally up to you!

  3. Gosh my posting is so spotty right now with student teaching and everything, but I'm really going to look at mine this month and see how I can do. Maybe if you ladies try it again another month, I can join iN! This looks fun, and feature some of my fave bloggers!


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