Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Blogger Challenge-Week 3 Update

You know what?  I kind of blew it again this week.  Shocker, I know.  Want to know something even more shocking?  I really don't care that much.  Perhaps it's the stress I'm under for school.  Maybe it's because I'm just tired of being tired.  And stressed.  Either way, I just really don't care anymore.  I mean, of course I care, I just don't want to spend too much of my time beating myself up over this stuff any more.  I try really really hard to be frugal.  To scrimp and save where I can.  Alot of times, I fail (at least, in my eyes) and I recognized through doing this challenge that I can either accept that failure is just going to happen from time to time and move on or I can continue to beat myself upside the head about it.  Only one of them results in me feeling a little bit more at peace.  And it makes my head hurt less.  I've also recognized that maybe I've set some of my budget numbers a little too realistically.  Unfortunately, right now, there is literally no room to move.  I'm (slowly) coming to accept the fact that maybe I'm just going to have to accept what it is for now and keep figuring out a way to make it work.  If I need to get a second job, I'll look into that option in May (once I graduate) and have a little bit more time on my hands.  Until then, I seem to be getting through each day somewhat unscathed (until you look at my credit card bill!) so I'll just keep trying to keep moving forward.  Then again, maybe I've been able to accept this laid back attitude because I know that my tax return is on its way and will help me breathe a little easier?  Yeah, that might be a big part of it too. 

Anyways, here's how I'm sitting after Week 3:

Food: $142.62 spent out of $200 monthly budget--Not Bad!!  I'm not sure if I'll go to the grocery store next week or not but so far, I don't think I need to make a stop this week.  This might turn out to be an okay month in this department!
Fuel: $171.14 spent out of $250 monthly budget--Still a little worried about going over in this department since I technically probably still have to fill my car up twice more before the end of the month.  And with gas prices going up and up and up. . .this could get ugly.  I already resent the fact that I spend more to feed my car than I do to feed myself and my son in any given month.  That's ridiculous!
Eating Out: $116.22--I know I'm over.  Sue me.  I've been meeting up with a friend about once a week during happy hour.  I need it.  Badly. This happy hour is quite possibly the one bright shiny thing in my stressed-out-to-the-max life right now (aside from my angel of a little dude, of course!). 
Pet: $41.10 out of a $60.00 monthly budget--Haven't spent any more in this category this week.  Although, I need to order my dog's heartworm medications ASAP before his test results exprire.  Putting that on my to-do list now.  

Now is the time that I bore you with other expenditures that I made throughout the week.  Sit back, grab some popcorn, and try not to fall asleep. . .it's sure to be an interesting time.

Costco: Spent $25.13--I bought a garden hose and half and half.  I know, it's thrilling.
Thrift Store: Spent $4.60--I'm actually quite proud of this. . .I bought two old brass candlesticks which I'm going to spray paint, a travel coffee mug (all mine are either broken, hideously ugly, or mysteriously missing the tops), an under armour shirt for Tyler to wear at football practice this fall, and 2 ice cube trays.  Not too bad, right?
Walmart: Spent $39.22--I bought two coolers to take camping over Memorial Day weekend, an Easter gift for Tyler's Easter basket this year, two boxes of Valentines cards on clearance (for Tyler to give out at school next year), a rubber mallet (again, for the camping trip), and two air filters for my house.  Are you guys dying of excitement yet?  Yes, I live an ultra exciting life. 
Target: Spent $19.81--I was killing time last night before a Dr's appt and there just happened to be a Target located right next to my doctor's office.  How convenient!  So, I found not one, but TWO matching sets of bras and undies (Sorry, Dad!) on clearance.  Since I hardly ever (like, NEVER) find matching sets of undergarments for myself (something having to do with being big girl sized on the top and little girl sized on the bottom...guys love it, I hate it.) I was giddy to not only find them, but to find them on clearance was AWESOME.  So, I indulged.  I'm not sure what's more disturbing about this. . .the fact that I just announced to the world (my father, included) that I now own matching sets of undergarments or the fact that I'm actually excited about owning matching sets of undergarments.  Don't worry, Mom & Dad. . .they're for my eyes only!
Dollar Store: Spent $13.40--I won't bore you with the 13 items that I bought at the dollar store.  I'm pretty sure most of you are already asleep anyways. 
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Spent $13.00--I'm weirdly excited about this.  I wanted to take the little dude out for a special day on Saturday.  I saw an advertisement for a Mummy exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum.  I thought that since he's a boy, he might like all things Mummy.  That is, until I saw the cost of the tickets: $18.00 just for me to get in.  UGH!  The cost of the museum itself is free and there's a TON of things to see in there but the Mummy exhibit had its own seperate charge.  Plus, parking was $3.00.  So, as I started really debating my decision to take him to this thing (I didn't particularly care to see the Mummies, I just wanted him to have a good time), I noticed on their website that there was a special student membership for college students.  $10 covers the entire year AND gives FREE entrance to the paid exhibits.  CHA-CHING!!  So, instead of paying $18.00 to get into the exhibit, I paid $10.00 for an annual membership which will let me into any other exhibits that come to the museum for the next year.  PLUS, I get free parking now that I'm a member.  We've already put my membership to good use since we also mosied on over to the Elvis photograph exhibit which would have cost an extra $6 if I hadn't been a member.  All in all, a totally great investment.  Plus, Tyler is free until he's 7 and there's a lot of really cool stuff to look at in the museum.  Coolness!

Anyone still awake?  How are y'all doing on your budgets this month?  Anyone else ever see a real life mummy?  I have. . .and it was kind of creepy to tell you the truth.  That dude was over 3000 years old!

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  1. i LOVE museums! :) take me me me! lol i am kinda jealous of your budget lol- i think you've beat me but i vote rematch next month puhlease! i will actually have time I THINK to stick to it! sorry i kinda blew it theres always nexttime though!


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