Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What to pick up at those After Holiday Sales

Yes, I know that the majority of what you'll find at those major "After Holiday" sales is mostly Christmas (or "Holiday" if you're trying to be PC. . and since I'm in HR, I'm always minding my P's & C's) decorations but if you know what you're looking for, there are plenty of items that you can use in your every day life.  If you see any of these types of items included in an After Holiday sale, now's the time to snag them at MAJOR discounts.  Here are a few of the items that I've either seen on the sales racks or have snagged for my own house:

  • Paper goods -- paper plates, plasticware, table cloths, napkins, paper towels, etc --sometimes they are Holiday prints (but who cares if I'm using paper towels with Christmas trees on them while cleaning my bathroom in July?!) but often times, there will be solid colored red, green, and white items too.
  • Storage items -- ziploc bags, storage containers, plastic wrap, etc --again, they may be Holiday themed but do you really care??
  • Sheets -- if you dig hard enough, you may find solid colored sheets in red, white, or green--if that's the color of your decor in one of your rooms, then you should be able to score a major deal!
  • Pillows -- I got some solid colored deep green throw pillows for my Living Room last year for $4.00/piece all because the tag (yes, the REMOVABLE TAG) had a snowflake on it!
  • Candy -- Frankly, I'm too busy getting down to business with the candy to notice what's printed on the wrapper.
  • Candles -- again, mostly christmas scented but the "white" is usually either unscented or vanilla. . totally all-purpose! 
  • Stocking Stuffers for next year -- I already have probably half of Tyler's stocking covered for next year.  I simply picked up non-perishable items from the clearance bins of Wal Mart and Target.  These items include: Hot Wheels cars, Star Wars figures, little battery operated games, Holiday themed coloring book, Holiday themed puzzle, Star Wars pens, Star Wars markers, and a few other little filler items that were marked at either 50% or 75% off but were TOTALLY going to last until next year. 
  • tape
  • small sets of white lights--use these in all sorts of decorating projects!
  • solid colored dishes (red, green, white)
  • Soap, perfume, & make up gift sets
  • Kleenex
The biggest thing to pay attention to is what the packaging looks like versus what the actual item looks like.  Many items get included in these Holiday sales simply because the packaging is Holiday themed or the item was produced as part of a Holiday line whereas the actual item itself is completely neutral and would be sold normally in that store just not in Holiday themed packaging.  For example, the dishes in my house were bought at an After Holiday sale.  They're red, which is what I was going for.  I just so happened to find them included in an After Holiday sale last year because the box they came in was all decked out in Christmas glitter and had an idealic Holiday table setting picture on the front.  Guess what?  The same dishes were being sold in the Housewares Department just inside of different packaging for full price.  So, I got a 75% discount off the regular price all because of a box.  I'll take it!  Same thing with the throw pillows on my couch.  Like I said, the tag had a snowflake on it so in the Holiday sale they went where I happily snatched them up and gave them a new home. 

What everyday items have you been able to snag at after holiday sales?  Or, what Holiday themed items have you been able to repurpose to be able to be used in everyday life? 

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  1. Great savings! I took advantage of some sales at the mall, but nothing quite as awesome as 75% off!


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