Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The BIG 1-0-0!

Ladies and Gents, the big day is upon us.  The moment we've all been waiting for. . . .this very post marks the monumentous 100th post here on Living on a Dime or Less.  Can I get a Boo-yah?!  Thanks, Tyler. . .Mommy heard your Boo-yah, Buddy!  I know, it's your favorite thing to say.  I hear it all day long, Love. 

In recognition of the fact that I've actually made it to the Big 1-0-0, I'm going to share some stuff about myself.  I was trying to have these big lofty goals and type out a list of 100 things about myself.  But, y'all don't want to read all that, I don't want to write all that, and the list would lose its luster (meaning, there would be nothing exciting to say about me) after. . .oh. . .like 5 things.  And maybe even that's a stretch!  So, instead, I'm going to share a list of things that have something to do with the number 100. Here goes. . .

  • If I were to have my choice of 100 of any item, what would I choose? Hmm, this is a hard one.  I'd probably take 100 snuggles from my little man.  Yes, that's totally cheesy and oh-so-sappy but I totally miss that little dude and his snuggles when he's with his dad.  It's amazing how one hug or smooch from him will make every horrible thing in my mind just disappear in that very moment.  So, I'll take the risk and be outright cheesy--just this once.
  • 100 candies of my choosing, what would I choose? Hands down, without a doubt, 100 Rocher's would be all mine.  I LOOOOVE those candies.  And my mom sends them to me every year at Christmas and I love her more than usual for it.  She doesn't know that.  Well, now she does, I guess. 
  • What would I do with $100,000 (hey, it has "100" in it!)? I would put half in savings (See Mom & Dad, you did teach me something useful and smart to take into adulthood with me!), pay off any debts that I currently had (including school loans. . .oh how they are going to make graduation in May bittersweet.), put some in a college fund for the wee-man, buy some new furniture for my living room, put carpet throughout my house, and probably buy myself a few new fancy little somethings to make myself feel luxe and glam.  Dang, I could blow through $100G's pretty easy, yeah?
  • I have 100 days to spend free of any responsibility. . .what do I do? I take my little sidekick and I travel: 20 days at my mom's cabin in Wyoming, 30 days (got to account for jet-lag!) in Germany, 20 days at the beach house, 20 days on some remote Carribean Island, and 10 days at home just my little dude and I. 
  • 100 new pairs of shoes or 100 new pieces of jewelry: Unless it's diamond jewelry, I'll take the shoes.  I love shoes.  Love.Shoes.
I'll just leave it at that since I'm having a really hard time coming up with anymore questions that have 100 in them.  Maybe it is due to a long day at work. . . .maybe it's just because I have zero creativeness.  Either way, I'm thrilled to have made it to 100 posts and I'm even more thrilled that you've joined me for the ride!  Stick around a bit and let's see where this crazy journey takes us, why don't we? 

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