Wednesday, January 25, 2012

February Blogger Budget Challenge

After what I thought was a genius suggestion from the.mrs over at (who is absolutely hilarious and fabulous in every way!), and in a completely desperate attempt to try to stick to my budget at least once in my life, we're hosting a Blogger challenge for the month of February centered around budgets.  Whether you're an old pro at sticking to your budget, a newbie in the budget ring (welcome to the fight, love!), or simply interested in sitting back and watching the action, I invite you to join in! 

Here are the details if you want to join in:

On February 1, which is next Wednesday (YIKES!), put up a post on your own blog declaring your participation in the challenge (link back to this post so that your readers can have the background for what we're doing!) and post the areas of your budget that you plan to focus on for the month of February.  For example, I might post that I'm planning to reduce my "Eating Out" spend from $200 a month to $100.  Or, I might reveal that I plan on actually sticking to my "Target" budget of $200.   There can be 1 area, or 100 areas. Whatever the case is for you.  Give us the details so that we can help to hold you accountable over the course of the month.  Then, each week, on Wednesday, we'll each post an update for how we're doing on those areas of our budgets.  Share with us what you've done to stick to your budget, what you did to go over your budget,. . .whatever it is. .. just the experiences that you're having!  These updates will be on our own blogs, but I invite you to share any successes that other blogger participants may have experienced too.  Let's use this as an opportunity to give the shout outs to each other and support each other!  I plan to (with the permission of each of you, of course!) highlight those that are participating here on my own blog and I think it will be a great way to support each other throughout the process.  

There are some pretty simple rules:

1. Be honest
2. Be supportive of each other

Really, that's it!  So, who is in?  Since I'm not all bloggy expert in how to do link ups and all that jazz (I'm learning as I go, peeps!) leave me a comment here on this post so that I can at least get a good feel for who plans to participate and can check out your blogs on Wednesday.  Also, when I post my initial Blogger Challenge post on Feb 1, I'll post a list of who else is participating so that we can all bounce around and check out each other's progress.  Sound good?   


  1. omgash! how exciting! this is somethin i am in such desperate need of... i cant wait! i will FO SHO be participating. yay!! and you're pretty fab yourself lady!

  2. I keep track of my spendings every month, but I always do a big spend of everything (usually on food) when the month is over, which is a problem when trying to save up for things. I'm in! I want to buy a new headboard soon, so keep me on track! lol


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