Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Goals Update--Weekend of 12/2

Update on how much I got done over the weekend. . .

Goals for this weekend:
  • Get the outside of my house decorated for Christmas
  • Get everything on the inside decorated except for the main tree.  That one Tyler and I will decorate together next week.
  • Get some blog posts finished and others started--my computer at home is acting really really wonky.  Not good.  WORST time for my computer to start to die on me.  But, I'll die without a computer so. . . something's gotta give.
  • At least start both finals for school and finish the one for Real Estate Law--actually, just finish both of them.  This is asking alot but it will make next week SO much easier.
  • Pay bills--yuck.  Ick.  Blech
  • Drop off Angel Tree stuff
  • Donate blood on Saturday morning--Kind of, they turned me away because my iron tested too low.  :-(
  • Pick up Craigslist dining room table--which will be refinished.  At some point.
  • Go to Costco and:
    • get pictures printed--decided against going through 2000 pictures at the kiosk in Costco (thus totally irritating the other holiday picture seeking shoppers in line behind me) and decided to just do it from the comfort of my own home (if my computer will cooperate) and order them on Costco's site. 
    • pick up Christmas tree
    • get stuff on shopping list
  • Go to Lowes and get stuff for ornaments that Ty and I will make
  • Garden Ridge for Christmas ornaments
  • Old Navy--Didn't really need anything, anyways.
  • Best Buy--I'll do this at a later date.  I just ran out of steam yesterday afternoon. 
  • Home Goods
  • Make cinnamon and applesauce ornaments and Fruit Loop garland for the tree in Tyler's room
Other things I was able to accomplish:
  • got garland for the outside of the house. . .& put it up!
  • Laundry--still need to get that last load out of the dryer and put it away but most of the laundry's done!
  • went to Trader Joes and got some groceries
  • was able to manage to squeeze in a little girl time with one of my besties who is going through a similar situation to mine in regards to relationships and we have found that leaning on each other just makes it a little easier. 
It was a busy weekend for sure.  This week is shaping up to be equally as busy but next weekend will be a mini-vacay in DC with my Mom and sweet sweet little boy.  Can't wait!

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