Monday, December 19, 2011

My Letter to Santa. . .

I saw this on another blog that I follow, My Adventures in Mommyland and I just HAD to write one myself. 

Being that this year is my first Christmas as a single mom, I felt that it was only right that I be given the opportunity to send Santa a list of my own.  I mean, everybody should have something special under the tree on Christmas morning, right?  My list looks a little something like this:

Dear Santa,

It has been a long and trying year for me.  Lots of things have happened and I've had alot handed to me to try to deal with this year.  Through it all, I've tried to keep my chin up and "grin and bear it" as best I could.  I think you would agree that I've been good and probably made it on your "nice list". So, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you please bring me something from my wish list? In no particular order, really I'll be happy with any one (or more, if you're feeling extra generous!) of them. If I wake up Christmas morning and find this under my tree, I will be one happily satisfied girl. 

Bradley Cooper

Patrick Dempsey

Channing Tatum

Ryan Reynolds

Shemar Moore

Kellan Lutz***
 Thanks, Santa! 

Love, Aryn

P.S.  And if it's not too much to ask, could you leave it under the tree wearing nothing but a bow?  I'd certainly appreciate it! 

***Santa, If you feel like I should help shape the mind of a young and impressionable, I wouldn't mind taking this one on as my project.  Just sayin'. . . .

What do you have on your Santa List this year? 


  1. OH EMM GEEE how beautiful. bradley cooper and those blue eyes, all you need to add to this list is robert downey jr and if you can promise me this is under your tree on christmas ill pack my bags and hunt you down and pretend i live there as well:) holla! hahaha

  2. I'm glad I inspired you ;) It was so hard to narrow my list down to only 5 lol! Oh how I would love to just run my hands down Channing Tatum's abs! This is my first Christmas as a single mom, too. It's hard around the holiday times :( But we will get through it sending you virtual hugs (hehe)

  3. LOL. . .the mrs., you just come right on over, honey!! If Santa is feeling generous and brings me a spare, I'll totally share!

    (Single) Mommy, I didn't know I was supposed to limit it to 5! Uh oh. . .you should have seen my initial list. There were a few good looking fellas who didn't even make the final. Poor guys! And you're right. . .Channing Tatum could double as a laundry accessory. . .I could wash my delicates on those abs! Woo Hoo!!

  4. I think I would put Gerard Butler on my list. Mmmm...


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