Saturday, December 31, 2011


I hoep you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and loved ones.  I had a great day with the little dude.  Santa was good to both of us and it's been really nice to have some time off from work, school, and the busy chaotic life that I normally live.  In fact, it's been a little too nice!  Without even realizing it, I had dropped off the face of the blog planet.  Although, I've been hard at work here in the casa trying to get some projects completed before work and school starts up again in a few days.  Unfortunately, some of these projects are coming along alot slower than I had anticipated but be on the lookout for some good stuff to hit the blog waves soon! 

Since this is the last day of the month (WAIT--this is the last day of the YEAR!), I would normally be posting my budget updated.  But, I'm not doing that today.  Nope, I made a decision a couple of weeks ago to totally stick my head in the sand regarding my budget compliance for the month of December.  I know that it's not the right thing to do and that ignoring the problem simply allows it to continue.  But, this is different.  I know that my spending in December was ridiculously off.  I know that the numbers are way (WAAAAAY) out of whack.  So, I'm just making a conscious decision not to rub it in my own face.  It's self preservation, really.  So, I'll be back with another (hopefully prettier, more compliant) budget update for January.  But, for December let's just agree that not posting an update will be better for everyone's sanity.  It's just needs to be this way. 

I'm busy today working on some resolutions for 2012 and will be back tomorrow to post those.  Also, I've got a special treat in store for you in the form of a guest blog post.  Tune in Tuesday for a post from SingleMama on how to find Me Time when you're a busy working single mama. 

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