Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Blank Because. . .

My real life girlfriend, Sarah, over at Downtown Southern posted this activity on her blog.  I loved it so much that I stole it and decided to try it here.  She'll forgive me later for the thievery.  Or, she'll just steal something of mine to get back at me.  Sarah, can I suggest maybe the pile of "to-do" items sitting on my desk at work?  No?  Okay. . .have it your way, then. 

Here goes. . . .

I'm weird because:
  • I love the smell of cleaning products
  • I hate dressing up to go out
  • I love to wear pant suits to work
  • I have made a career out of talking to people but get incredibly nervous in crowds.  I also don't like to be approached by strangers.  Stranger Danger.
  • I have entire conversations with my dog
  • I have stage fright in public bathrooms.  It will literally take me a few minutes just to talk myself into doing my "business" if anyone else is in there. 
  • In college, I used to drive to my mom's house (about 5 miles from my dorm) to do #2 (see reason above)
  • I love buying shoes but only for my son. 
  • My friends have to dress me--I have no sense of fashion but my son is always dressed like a little GQ model
  • I dip my french fries in sour cream (yes, Sarah. . .your Wendy's frosty and french fries reminded me of this)
  • I'm currently obsessed with chewing ice but only the ice from the ice machine at work.  It's softer than any ice I've ever had before.  Does that make me an ice connoisseur?
  • When my son is at his dad's house, I can't sleep unless I have his blanket somewhere in my bed.
  • I cannot function properly if there are dirty dishes in my sink yet I HATE emptying the dishwasher
  • I would rather clean a toilet than sweep the floor--I hate to sweep but I love to mop (I think it's because I get to smell the floor cleaner when mopping.)
I'm a bad friend because:
  • I'm horrible about calling my friends regularly and checking in on them
  • I forget birthdays.  Like, really important ones.
  • I sometimes get too wrapped up in my own issues to truly be as present for my friends as I feel I should be
I'm a good friend because:
  • I love my friends intensely and deeply
  • I will give my friends the shirt off my back if I need to.  But only if I have a cami underneath. 
  • I can make my friends laugh when they are sad or angry. 
  • I will spend hours talking to my friends to try to talk them through their problems or help them see something from a different angle. 
I'm sad because:
  • I'm going through a really rough time with my son's father.  He's being very mean and combative with me which isn't making it any easier.  I just wish we could find a way to be friends.  Or at least civil with one another.
  • I don't get to spend as much time with my son as I wish I could.  My ex and I currently split him pretty much 50/50 and seven months after the split, it's still a really hard concept to grasp that I don't have my baby bear with me every single day. 
  • I wish I made more money at my job.
  • I can't seem to find financial security and I continue to struggle month to month to try to get myself out of debt
  • I have friends who are going through a hard time and I'm not sure how to be there for them
  • There are mean people in this world who get a kick out of hurting others
  • I don't get to see my family as much as I would like to since we are all spread out across the country and even the world with my dad living in Germany. 
  • I feel like I'll never truly find happiness and love with a partner.  There seem like there are so many great guys out there but they're all either married or gay.  I know I probably just have a dim view about it on account of what I'm dealing with right now, but I fear being alone for the rest of my life. 
I'm happy because:
  • Christmas is coming.  I love Christmas.  Really love it.
  • My son is happy and healthy.  He's funny and smart.  He's beautiful.  All those things make me very happy
  • I have some really great friends who love and support me even when I'm being a pill
  • So far, I've managed to keep my household together and I feel like I get a little bit stronger each day in terms of being able to stand on my own two feet. 
I'm excited for: 
  • Christmas
  • To graduate in May of 2012
  • A trip over to Europe with my son to see my dad and step-mom
  • Next weekend getting to see my Mommy in DC
  • All of the days off this month that I get to spend with my son
  • The annual party that I'm throwing in January
  • (IF) the day ever arriving that my house is FINALLY in the condition that I feel that I can stop stressing over the DIY projects and just relax.  And breathe.  And revel in the gloriousness of being able to say "it's D-O-N-E!"
If you decide to do this yourself, leave a comment linking to the post in your blog so that I can read it! 

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