Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Goals--Weekend of 10/1

Since the last goals post that I did was so successful in getting me to actually accomplish my list, I figured I'd try it again.  I think there's something about being accountable to a group of strangers via the internet that lights that fire under me to get things done.  Whatever it is, I'll take it!  So, like last time, I'll post my goals list here and then on Sunday (or Monday. . .depending on time), I'll post an update as to what I got accomplished this weekend.

  • Enter consignment items for Women's clothing sale in October
  • Pack yardsale stuff in car
  • Sell stuff at yard sale
  • Donate unsold yard sale items to Goodwill and drop off at Goodwill
  • Mow front and back yard
  • Homework for school
  • Unpack all of Tyler's fall clothes and hang them up
  • Work for 20 minutes in office--still trying to get that office decluttered
  • Pay bills--ick. . .blech. . .boohiss
  • Place Thirty One order
  • take Tyler somewhere fun on Sunday (movies? mini-golf?)
  • Football game Saturday night
  • Kohls
  • WalMart
  • Target
I'll post an update later in the weekend.  Wish me luck. . .it's going to be a long weekend!

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