Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend Goals Update

As promised (but still a little late--eek!), here is the update on how I did on my weekend goals list. 

  • Send out September Thirty One specials email (I'm a Consultant for Thirty One Gifts and I send out an email at the beginning of each month to my customers about the specials for that month)  DONE!
  • Blog Posts--get at least one post published and one post started for next week for my own blog and then get post written for the blog that I'm guest blogging for.  More on that to come.  Yes, I'm famous already. Mom, you should be insanely proud! I did better than I had expected on this one. . .I wrote three posts for my blog and my guest blogger spot!
  • Pay bills--I think the mortgage company likes it when I pay them regularly.  The rest of the companies seem to too.  I hate paying bills.  It's all adult-y and stressful.  Where's the fun?  DONE--It was painful and now I'm totally broke (Mom, SEND MONEY!) but it's done.  For now.  Until the 1st of next month.  Where's the fun in life??
  • mow the grass--front yard and back yard WOO HOO!!! 
  • Start planning Tyler's birthday party--Is there any way I can get out of that???--We've settled on a date, place, and somewhat of a guest list and menu.  Still a little fine tuning to go, but at least we've got somewhat of a plan.
  • Finish painting the office--2 walls of that damn (yes, I occasionally let it slip.  Sorry!) office have been painted for weeks MONTHS and it's high time it got finished.  I'm such a procrastinator.   Holy Ba-Jeezus I'm glad that's done!
  • Clean at least 1/2 of the office mess--my office is a total disaster.  As in, STUFF all over the floor.  The madness needs to stop.
  • Grocery shop--Irene helped me to clean my fridge and freezers. Now it's time to see if I can start filling them again.
  • Costco-need to get a dog bed.  Apparently, Pete thought it would be wise to eat his last one.  There are little bits of stuffing all around my room and an empty shell of what used to be a fluffy dog bed in the corner.  It's crazy business.
  • Homework for school
  • Sweep & mop the hardwood floors
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Clean Tyler's room--I will have assistance with this or else the miniature man who lives in my house will start sleeping in the garage.  I keep telling him that we had a hurricane named Irene come through the neighborhood, not a Tornado named Tyler.  Geez. . . .
  • Clean the laundry room--the cat lives in there and he knows no boundaries when it comes to the litter box.  He doesn't exactly do his business outside of the box, but he likes to fling litter all over the floor.  That, and he's not exactly the neatest when he eats.  Therefore, there is a mess of litter, dry cat food bits, and wet food smears all over my laundry room floor.  Gross. 
I even accomplished some extra things this weekend!  Adding to my list of accomplishments for the weekend are:

  • laundry--mine and Tyler's
  • hooked up the plumbing for my kitchen sink after the new countertops were installed last week--technically, I didn't do this but I managed to talk someone into doing it for me.  I know nothing about plumbing.
While I still left a few things un-done, I feel very accomplished!  Since I didn't get my floors cleaned or the mess in the office cleaned up (not even close. . .painting made a much larger mess), I'm going to add those to my goals list for next weekend.  Stay tuned. .

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