Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Goals Update

  • Enter consignment items for Women's clothing sale in October--still working on this one.  Will hopefully get it knocked out tonight. 
  • Pack yardsale stuff in car
  • Sell stuff at yard sale
  • Donate unsold yard sale items to Goodwill and drop off at Goodwill
  • Mow front and back yard
  • Homework for school
  • Unpack all of Tyler's fall clothes and hang them up
  • Work for 20 minutes in office--still trying to get that office decluttered--nope, this was a total and utter failure. :-(
  • Pay bills--ick. . .blech. . .boohiss
  • Place Thirty One order--I decided to try to place this order off of a party that I'll be doing for a client of mine.  Might save me a bit on shipping. 
  • take Tyler somewhere fun on Sunday (movies? mini-golf?)--The fact that this one didn't get accomplished really breaks my heart.  Not only do I feel the defeat of not being able to cross it off my list, but the rest of the "to do" list (and a very much needed nap!) just didn't allow for us to do anything extra.  I feel like such a bad Mommy! :(
  • Football game Saturday night
  • Kohls--nope, decided that I've spent enough money on needless stuff lately. . no need to spend more.  Plus, Tyler's birthday party this weekend is going to totally wipe me out. 
  • WalMart
  • Target--I didn't make it to Target this weekend but plan to go after work today.  I have gift cards so I'm hoping that I can get what I need (some clothes for me) with those. 
Extra things that got Accomlished:
  • Got all of the laundry done and put away-YAY!
  • Got my Walgreens and Kroger shopping done
  • got a start on my blog posts for this week
Overall, a very very busy weekend!  Still got lots to do and didn't get everything accomplished on my to-do list but got fairly close.  TONS of stuff to get done this week since next weekend is so very busy.  Can't. even. think. straight.

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