Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Goals Update

This weekend was definitely busy!  Thankfully, I have the day off of work today so I'm getting some things done that I wasn't able to get accomplished over the weekend.  Here's how everything stacked up when it was all said and done:
  • Tyler's Birthday Party on Saturday--hopefully everyone has fun, no one gets lost, and I don't lose my mind. . .or at least, the 18th replacement that I've gotten after losing it all of those other times.  Done!  And I survived!
  • Try to enjoy my birthday.  It's Saturday. I am happy to report that I had an excellent birthday.  Wonderful gifts from my sweet little man and a fabulous dinner! 
  • Get the clothes entered and tagged for the women's consignment sale that starts the following week
  • CLEAN. MY. HOUSE.--This is obviously a Sunday project--NOT getting done before then.--UGH. . . my steam mop seems to be having issues today and I got almost everything done except for my floors.  I'll be working on that tonight.  Other than that, I just have a few things to get done downstairs and I suppose I could cross this off the list. 
  • Laundry
  • Clip the dog's nails--he looks like he's going for some Guiness Book of World Records nomination.  "Dog with 18 inch toe pawnails". . .It's scary how fitting it is! 
Other things that I managed to get accomplished:
  • Pack for my work trip to Nashville this week
  • Decorate my mantel for Halloween (I'll be posting about this later in the week!)

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