Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why a blog?

The other day, I got asked by someone why I started a blog.  Afterall, I have A-L-O-T on my plate: I work full time, go to school part time, I'm a single mom, own a home (that's alot of work!) and I try to volunteer for the various organizations that I'm the most passionate about.  All in all, I barely have a free moment to myself.  Yet, I found myself actually wanting to start a blog and to share the different experiences that I encounter.  I've constantly got projects going on and I like to share how I do those.  I'm pretty thrifty and am always on the hunt for the best deals on everything from groceries to gas to house stuff to clothing for me and my son.  Basically, everything.  Rather than be a hoarder of that information, I'd rather share it with others.  I follow so many blogs that are geared toward ONE specific thing.  For example, some blogs that I follow are dedicated solely to DIY home improvement projects.  Others, are solely for deals and steals.  I don't desire my blog to be a niche blog.  If it totally ends up that way organically, than so be it.  I'll be happy with wherever the wind takes me on this one.  But, I am starting out small and just sharing with the world whatever the world seems to let me share with it.  So, what that being said, does that answer YOUR question about what my blog is all about?  I hope so.  Because I'm tired. . .and thirsty. . .and have alot of projects to go check up on. 

Peace Out, Homey! 

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