Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Goals--Weekend of 3/2/12

Here's what's on my proverbial plate for this weekend: 

  • Write another page or two of my Senior Thesis for HR class
  • Figure out what my next assignment is for my Econ class
  • Hang shelf and pictures in Tyler's bathroom
  • Put up the last "project" in Tyler's bathroom
  • Clean Tyler's bathroom
  • Finish painting trim in Tyler's bathroom
  • Take pictures of Tyler's bathroom
  • Write (FINALLY!) blog post for Tyler's bathroom reveal
  • Write at least 2 posts for Single Mama Stuff
  • Sweep & Mop floors in the house
  • Clean the other two bathrooms (might as well if I'm going to have the cleaning stuff out, right?!)
  • Pick up the limbs from the hedge trimming that I did earlier in the week
  • Pay bills
  • Get quote on new carpet from Lowes
  • Plant bulbs in front flower bed
  • Spray yard for weeds
  • Start cleaning out the spare bedroom (May will be here before I know it!)
  • Post House "To-Do" list on this blog
  • Sleep in at least one morning and do something fun with the little dude
Anybody else notice that my lists just get longer with each passing week?  Hmm. . . .

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